文:林 菜穂子(baCe Inc.) 写真:Fumihiko Sugino アートワーク:Shun Sudo

text by Nahoko Hayashi(baCe, Inc.) photographs by Fumihiko Sugino artwork by Shun Sudo


To all of you who love this town. Thank you, and welcome to Bushwick!

その日の午後、P.S.147の教室では担任の工藤先生(右)と一緒に生徒たちが来年の年賀状を書いていました。ホワイトボードには来年の干支「亥」の文字も!On the afternoon of that day, the children and their teacher, Kayo Kudo (right), were writing New Year greeting cards in a P.S.147 classroom. Next year is the Year of the Boar, and on the whiteboard was written the Japanese character for boar.

その日、ニューヨーク市立147校(Public School 147 Isaac Remsen:以下P.S.147)の小学2,3年生の合同クラスの生徒たちは、年賀状づくりに夢中になっていました。教室のホワイトボードには大きな文字で来年の干支「亥」と漢数字が書かれています。担任の工藤賀代先生が、

Boar. 2019.
On the day of my visit, the combined class of second and third graders at Public School 147 Isaac Remsen (P.S.147) were enthusiastically making New Year greeting cards. On the whiteboard in the classroom, in large Japanese characters were the word “boar,” for next year’s Year of the Boar, and numbers. Kayo Kudo, their teacher, explained that, “The children are writing New Year greeting cards for a contest.”

While she’s saying this, the kids come over eager to hear comments about the cards they made. Then one little girl came up to me and said, “I was born in the Year of the Tiger.” Astonished, I exclaimed, “Wow! I’m so surprised that you know that!” Hearing this, Principal Sandra Noyola tilted her head and mused, “I wonder what year I was born in.”

毎年「ブッシュウィック・オープン・スタジオ」でトラック・ギャラリーをしているこの通りからは、遠くにエンパイア・ステイト・ビルを見ることがでます。From this street where we hold a truck gallery during the annual Bushwick Open Studios, you can see the Empire State Building in the distance.


Around the time I became a resident of “Bushwick, the most exciting neighborhood in New York,” I was totally inspired by all the art here, and wanted to someday hold a photo exhibition or show with the people I work with. So, I was overjoyed to learn about the Bushwick Open Studios event, and eager to participate. That joy was short-lived, however, because we didn’t have a studio to open. So, we racked our brains for a solution and came up with the idea of putting the works on the back of a truck and going to places where a lot of people gather. I didn’t have any idea at that time that this would lead to a wonderful meeting several years later.

P.S.147の「日本語2カ国語プログラム」はニューヨーク初の、市内唯一のプログラム。対象は現在、幼稚園児から小学3年生までです。The Japanese Dual Language Program at P.S.147 is the first and only such program in New York City. Children from kindergarten to third graders can currently participate in this program.






P.S.147 is very well known among the Japanese mothers around me as the first public school in New York to launch a Japanese dual language program in 2015. Principal Noyola, whom I had the fortune to meet through Bushwick Open Studios this year, informed me of the events leading up to the program’s establishment.
“A parents’ group had come requesting that Japanese be taught to children at a public school. They had apparently gone around to many other schools before coming to our school. I was impressed by their enthusiasm. And since they hadn’t been able to have their request accepted anywhere else, I decided to commit myself to making this happen.”
Principal Noyola, who says that the program is still being implemented with the help of these parents, was born and spent her most formative years in Bushwick in the 70s and 80s.
“This neighborhood was really terrible. I remember what happened back then very clearly.”

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