Vol.06 ただの筋トレじゃない! 人気のクロスフィ...

文:林菜穂子(baCe Inc.) 写真:Fumihiko Sugino アートワーク:Shun Sudo

text by Nahoko Hayashi(baCe, Inc.), photographs by Fumihiko Sugino, artwork by Shun Sudo

Vol.06 ただの筋トレじゃない! 人気のクロスフィットをご存じですか?

Not your ordinary strength training! Have you heard of the popular CrossFit?


「クロスフィット」の創設者、グレッグ・グラスマンさんはもともと体操のコーチ。「クロスフィット」は消防署や軍関係者などの身体的なフィットネス・テンプレートになっていて、現在、日本には10数軒、世界には1万軒以上の「ボックス」があります。 Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, was originally a gymnastics coach. CrossFit has since become a physical fitness template, such as a fire department and military personnel. There are currently a dozen or so CrossFit “boxes” in Japan and over 10,000 in the world.


Have you heard of CrossFit?
Born in the United States in 1995, CrossFit is a program to comprehensively improve physical capacity such as cardiovascular function, muscle strength, and flexibility. The goal is to improve daily functional movements such as standing, sitting, and running, by performing related movements at high intensities: for instance, a round of movements are executed as many times as possible within a specific time period, or within the shortest possible period of time. CrossFit is recently creating a stir in Japan as well, with an increasing number of dedicated gyms called “boxes.”


CrossFit “boxes” are clearly different from regular gyms. Bushwick CrossFit is located in a building that looks like an old garage. Every time I passed by the box, I would observe muscular men quietly training using barbells and rings that looked like equipment used in the Olympics. The reason for my interest was, of course, lack of exercise. But watching them, all I could think was, “There’s no way I can do such hard exercise.” On top of that, the sign at the entrance announcing the schedule for the free introduction class took the trouble to note, “Don’t be scared!”

「ブッシュウィック・クロスフィット」のオーナー兼コーチのジョージ・リーさん。背景のグラフィティはVol.1 で紹介した「ブッシュウィック・コレクティブ」に参加したアーティスト、Eelcoに連絡をとって描いてもらったもの。ジョージさんは、以前は自分でも描くほどのグラフィティ好きだそうです。 George Lee, owner and coach of Bushwick CrossFit. He had the graffiti behind him drawn by Eelco, an artist who participated in the Bushwick Collective, which was introduced in Vol. 1 of this series. George says he’s a graffiti fan and even used to draw graffiti himself in the past.

オーナーでコーチのジョージ・リー(George Lee)さんはそういいながら、ボックスの一番奥で気持ちよさそうに汗を流しているリチャードさんを紹介してくれました。リチャードさんは「きっかけは歩いていて偶然ここを見つけたから。体型を維持したかったんだ。そうしたら断然楽しんだよ! ひとりでジムに行ってもスマホを触ったりして怠けちゃうでしょ。でもここは違うんだ。仲間と一緒にトレーニングできるクラスもあるからね」というのです。


“Everyone is scared at first. But that's because they don’t know CrossFit. By changing the number of rounds or the load, anyone can do it along with people of different strengths and ages. We even have a member who started at the age of 56,” explained George Lee, the owner and coach of Bushwick CrossFit, as he led me to Richard, who was working up a good sweat near the back of the box.
“I found this place by chance when I was walking, and joined because I wanted to maintain my physique. But then I found that it was so much fun! If you go to the gym by yourself, you tend to slack off by fiddling around with your smartphone. But it’s different here. That's because there are classes where you can train with friends,” says Richard.
What? You have friends here?

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