Vol.01 最高に面白い街ブッシュウィック、シンボル...

文:林菜穂子(BaCe Inc.) 写真:Fumihiko Sugino アートワーク:Shun Sudo

text by Nahoko Hayashi(BaCe Inc.) photographs by Fumihiko Sugino artwork by Shun Sudo

Vol.01 最高に面白い街ブッシュウィック、シンボルは「グラフィティ」!

Vol.01 Bushwick: A Fascinating Neighborhood Symbolized by Graffiti


青空に映える街のシンボル、「グラフィティ」。ブッシュウィックにはこんな風景があちらこちらに広がっています。 Graffiti, the community’s symbol, etched against the blue sky. This kind of sight can be found here and there, all over Bushwick.


From Manhattan, take the L line to Brooklyn. Some 15 minutes after crossing the East River, you’ll arrive at Jefferson St. Station. Here you’ll find rows of low-rise apartments nestled up against old warehouses and small factories, and little children playing innocently in front of them. The sky looks bigger here in Bushwick, a neighborhood with an atmosphere that hints of days gone by, and which has recently come to be known as the coolest art mecca in New York.


It’s unlikely that anyone would have come here about a dozen years ago because the streets were so unsafe then. But residents ousted from Manhattan and the popular Williamsburg neighborhood due to soaring rents started fixing up the decrepit buildings in Bushwick and settled right in. But that’s New York—new communities are constantly born in this way. For the same kinds of reasons, people had moved from Soho to Chelsea, the trendy art hub brimming with what’s said to be over 300 galleries; and before that, from the East Village to Soho. And now Bushwick is gearing up to take center stage.

大胆かつ繊細な大作に、はっと息をのむこともしばしば!(撮影場所:454 Troutman St., Brooklyn, NY) Bold, intricate masterpieces will often take your breath away! (Photo taken at 454 Troutman St., Brooklyn, NY)

モノトーンが印象的なこのグラフィティが描かれたビルには、画材屋さんが入っています。(撮影場所:36 Gardner Ave., Brooklyn, NY) An art supply store is located in this building painted with this striking monotone graffiti. (Photo taken at 36 Gardner Ave., Brooklyn, NY)

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